The rapidly developing property market in Poland underlines how important accurate and professional services for valuing property has become. Such high quality services form the basis for granting housing loans and commercial loans secured with mortgages, as well as property analyses and reports. For 8 years the Foundation has conducted training activities in valuations for mortgage credit purposes granted by universal and mortgage banks.

The Foundation is not liable and gives no warranties for the quality of the work (valuations/expert studies) prepared by the certified graduate licensed valuers, however the portal's users can report to the Foundation any documented reservations they may have on valuations/expert studies prepared.

Reservations can only be reported by the party commissioning a valuation or report who is not a physical person (financial institutions). Reservations must be reported by the ordering party in writing, together with documentary proof of the subject of the commission and the reasons for the reservations, and must be sent to the Foundation's offices (Al. Stanów Zjednoczonych 68, 04-036 Warsaw).

The Foundation reserves the right to remove property surveyor "OFFERS FOR CO-OPERATION - YOUR PARTNER IN BUSINESS" from the Foundation's web site in documented case.

The data placed on the Foundation’s portal is based on the information provided by the licensed graduate, who are obliged to update the data. The Foundation is not liable for the accuracy of the data, with the exception of information on the completion of the course and passing of the examinations required by the Foundation.

The Mortgage Credit Foundation is not authorised to take any action intended to lead to the commencement of proceedings for professional liability (by the minister responsible for construction, physical planning and housing in accordance with article 194 of the act dated 21st August 1997 on property management, Journal of Law No. 261, position 2603, 2005 with subsequent amendments) or criminal liability.